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Concrete Building

Our Mission

Next Generation Infrastructure

OBH is committed to driving a better future through next generation infrastructure. We are passionate about promoting the new age infrastructure that is helping to improve the world of tomorrow for everyone.

The world is changing fast, and while the traditional infrastructure that has allowed our cities to grow and flourish for the last hundred years is still important, a new sector of infrastructure is emerging. Our new infrastructure is smarter, more sustainable and more technologically advanced, it includes new ways of generating and distributing electricity, digital infrastructure, and open-source IT infrastructure. These infrastructure platforms supporting sustainability and connectivity are growing fast and will continue to replace old infrastructure as we progress into the future.

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OBH Partners are highly experienced in assisting new generation, growth infrastructure and other real asset platforms grow and succeed. We are focused on assisting clients who are striving for a sustainable, better future for all. We have been at the forefront of the renewable energy transition, worked with the most innovative circular economy recyclers, and advised groundbreaking telecommunications businesses to take their solutions to the world. OBH has strong relationships with government bodies and utilises their support for new age infrastructure through agencies like ARENA, NAIF and the MRF. OBH is committed to the advancement of renewable technologies, driving both commercial and ESG success for our clients.

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Key Sectors

OBH Partners specialises in the following high-growth and societally beneficial sectors



Agriculture is the cornerstone of our society and economy. OBH has years of experience advising in the agriculture sector and are passionate about accelerating innovation in the sector. We have a strong history of assisting the businesses revolutionising agriculture to grow and succeed domestically and globally.



OBH believes in the power of technology to shape the world. We have a specialist skillset and knowledge to advise businesses involved in the technology sphere including hardware, software, telecommunications, cloud services and ecommerce.

Digital Infrastructure


The world is rapidly becoming more digitalized, and the infrastructure that will be required to support the digital world of tomorrow will be enormous. OBH is committed to assisting businesses that build and support infrastructure for telecommunications, data storage, 5G and cloud services.

Resource Recovery & Recycling


The world is drowning with garbage but, in most cases the recycling of resources is more efficient than the use of virgin materials. OBH Partners has both a passion and an impressive record in assisting platforms at the forefront of today’s circular economy initiatives.

Modernised Critical Infrastructure


The way in which we generate power and water to support our communities is changing at a rapid pace. OBH is experienced in advising platforms at the forefront of renewable energy and sustainable water generation and delivery.

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