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About OBH

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Who are we?

OBH Partners are an independent advisory firm founded in 2021 by an experienced team of industry professionals that combine a practical, hands-on approach with a global mindset. We provide clients with independent and experienced corporate finance, capital markets, and investment management advice in an agile and innovative manner.

OBH Partners work across a range of industries but have a real passion, experience, and expertise in working with new generation infrastructure and investments.

OBH provides a range of corporate finance related services to our clients to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and wholistic business solutions, going above and beyond for our clients.

Image by ben o'bro
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The OBH Difference

OBH are a modern and nimble firm with deep experience in a range of roles and situations. The way in which we advise our clients, prepare materials and manage a transaction process is unique and can cover OBH assisting on a broad range of matters that influence value for our clients and allow us to deliver optimal results for our clients through a range of processes. Our approach has allowed us to build a strong, loyal client base and has given us a strong, market-wide reputation for acting with integrity and capability.


OBH has strong relationships with a large range of public and private investors and partners. Strong relationships are crucial to OBH’s success.

OBH has industry partners all over the world, allowing us to specialize in global transactions and taking Australian businesses global. We have a global network of acquirers and investors.


The OBH team has decades of combined experience in the corporate finance and investment sector. The team is highly qualified and skilled to solve any business problem.

OBH provides comprehensive strategic advice, constantly looking for more ways to improve each business we work with. Our scope is not limited, and we search for any and all ways to improve the businesses we work with.

Highly qualified team with in-depth knowledge and experience. We take an unbiased and objective view on every project to maximise outcomes for every client.

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